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The Visit I saw a ghost yesterday – a little seven-year-old girl. She wore a red jersey with matching ribbons adorning her hair. I was surrounded by people with their different noises and scents, all of them bumping into me like they could not see, yet there she was, poised in the middle of the road like she was waiting to be seen. She had dark skin that seemed to glow from within, almost translucent. Even with the throngs of people bustling about, I could see from where I stood, transfixed, a familiar glint in her eyes. I knew who she was. I died on the 2nd of October, 2009. It happened in my father’s living room. I had just returned from school with my brother. He was two years my senior, but we were often mistaken for twins because of the striking resemblance. We were the only ones home,…

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