Man of Dreams – Obongofon Etuk.

Man of Dreams – Obongofon Etuk.
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Man of Dreams

If wishes could materialize and bloom,

I’d gather them, a handful or maybe two,

And weave their magic through my restless soul,

Granting solace, contentment, and grace,

For dreams, when realized, bring joyful thoughts,

Transforming life’s canvas with colors true.

Each morning, I beseech the heavens true,

Imploring divine intervention to loom,

To guide my path, to shape my thoughts,

Bestowing upon me a blessed gift or two,

A sprinkle of serenity, a touch of grace,

Enveloping and soothing my weary soul.

But who am I, this humble wandering soul,

To fathom the mysteries of what holds true?

Yet, I shall persevere, seeking elusive grace,

Chasing after dreams that dance in the loom

Of my imagination, where possibilities brew,

Whispering secrets, inspiring hopeful thoughts.

A man of dreams, I weave a tapestry of thoughts,

A dreamer, forever yearning to find my soul,

For in the realm of dreams, hope begins to bloom,

Transcending reality, revealing what’s true,

In the labyrinth of my mind’s intricate loom,

I seek fragments of wisdom, shards of grace.

With steadfast resolve, I pursue elusive grace,

Nurturing aspirations, cultivating thoughts,

Connecting the threads, entwining on the loom,

To create a masterpiece that mirrors my soul,

For dreams, when cherished and held onto true,

Have the power to flourish, to thrive, to bloom.

So, I’ll embrace the whispers of dreams that bloom,

Seeking solace, finding solace in divine grace,

For dreams hold a key, unlocking what is true,

Guiding my steps, illuminating my thoughts,

And in the depths of my ever-searching soul,

I’ll weave a symphony, a tapestry on life’s loom.

A man of dreams, I’ll let my dreams bloom,

Embracing the grace that fills my longing soul,

Weaving the threads of thoughts on life’s vibrant loom.

Contributor’s Bio

Obongofon U. Etuk is a 24-year-old Nigerian student studying Pharmacy at the University of Uyo, Nigeria. When not immersed in academia, he finds solace in the world of literature, indulging in novels and poems. A passionate gamer, he also cheers fervently for his favorite football club – FC Barcelona. He draws great inspiration from the works of Williams Shakespeare.

Obongofon’s poetic prowess has earned him recognition, with his works “HOPE” featured in the June 2021 issue of Writer Space Africa (WSA) magazine, “WRITE ME A POEM” in the Sep 2020 issue of the IPSF AfRO Corner e-magazine publication, and “LONE” on Brittle Paper.


A vivid poem that has a nostalgic tang to it, the poet strength of imagery guides us through the narrator’s mind as he longs for his dreams. Wish to read more of this poet’s works

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