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We are a Nigerian-based press & publishing house with the prior aim to explore and promote varieties of African & Non-African literary works.

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Featured News

The Wolf Howls for Her Death Mission -Enit’ayanfe Ayosojumi Akinsanya.

The Wolf Howls for Her Death Mission hearth i’m stuck where indigo shadows play & the...

I Now Bleach – Adedokun Ibrahim Anwar.

I Now Bleach It is in your loss I mastered the alphabets of silence,  & this one here bleaches...

How Fast Can The Heart Spin? – Ikechukwu Henry.

How Fast Can The Heart Spin? At first, he thinks she is merely scouring for what to buy next as her...

Portrait of a Bleak Future – Okoronkwo Chisom.

Portrait of a Bleak Future Today, I held a clandestine meeting with  the voices in my head...

Exit – Emmanuel Yamba.

Exit for Uncle Lawrence because you have investedall of your time searching for anaccent to call on...

Alone in the Dark – Oladimeji Olatunji.

Alone in the Dark Alone in the dark, I’m scared of the imaginary beings spawned from make-beliefs...

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Afrihill Press is interested in works that explore human society, non-human spaces & every other literary dynamics that portray our natural, physical, metaphysical & social environment.