The Journey in Which Everyone Carries the Anatomy of His Dream – Yahuza Usman.

The Journey in Which Everyone Carries the Anatomy of His Dream – Yahuza Usman.
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The Journey in Which Everyone Carries the Anatomy of His Dream  

when the sun died with a mysterious decision 

sketched on the tip of barricaded tongues  

of our home and the other hall that housed our dreams, 

we slept with a tear-jerking eye that countenanced 

the deferment of knowing what our home held for our dreams, 

of course, our fates. we were given a word of optimism, 

& like love, it came back to us, in our dreams. 

we woke up, in light, with great hilarity–a pleasant smile 

hovering over our faces that, before daybreak, sheltered 

the skin of phobia that our goals would be forced, like the sun, 

to cast its abode on the bed of a murky plight, unplanned. 

in delight, we received some calls from a man who re-ignited our wishes; 

the first time he called, like the moon, we put on our radiant, 

never-grow-old smile, hoping to hear that our home has built a place  

for our dreams and; of course, our lives.  

and to our wishes, he spoke with caution–gently, softly– 

like a musabiq, yearning to be crowned as the overall winner, reciting the Qu’ran:  

“if the home that owned your dreams, would be so kind  

to give you more time to tip-toe to its doors and be safe  

& safe, your dreams would be untouched by the sketches of foots” 

there, the flames of our hopes got ignited, like fire.  

in a minute, they illuminated our hearts.  

a decade of minutes later, he called, again,  

but with a tone of a chained, raped refugee at night.  

our hearts, at once, brimmed with melancholy as we, like Gods,  

grasped the pause in his murmur: 

“your journey is now a mirage, d-e-c-l-i-n-e-d” 

& here we are, like a bereft soul,  

carrying the porous abyss of our pines,  

inside our broken hearts. 

Contributor’s Bio

Yahuza Usman, the co-author of the book “Let Me Grieve”, is a Wikimedian, Nigerian poet, short-
story writer, essayist, and the Secretary of the Taraba Hill-Top Creative Arts Foundation from Al-
Mishkat Academy Jalingo, Taraba State. He has his works published by Al-Mir’aatuh Magazine,
World Voices Magazine, Literary Yard, Itell Stories and Everything Beautiful, ArtingArena, Afrihil
Press, Opinion Nigeria, Synchronized Chaos Magazine, The Daily Pointers, and elsewhere.
Yahuza is Hafiz, a typist, a graphic designer, and a networker who bears “Crawling Writer” as his

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