The toils of our heroes – Aderibigbe Ikmot Olaitan.

The toils of our heroes – Aderibigbe Ikmot Olaitan.
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The toils of our heroes

When darkness took the throne,

silence became the day’s voice.

The tender gaze of the crescent & 

stars—emitting faint glints 

put us in the shape of a ball.

We espied our progenitors clothed 

in scars from our elders’ mouths.

In the belly of thralldom, 

they buried their heads.

A peek into the tomorrow’s soil,

the greatness it didn’t swallow

turned them into well-built drums 

for the flail to happily dance on.

Their strife couldn’t wear tears from torture;

rather, it gifted its tears as manure to the soil.

These stories were waters

springing through my eyes,

sprinkling hope like a beam of light,

 awakening the dead flowers.

This land! Sleep not!

Our heroes’ toils must live!

Contributor’s Bio

Aderibigbe Ikmot Olaitan, a  Linguistics And African Languages student at Obafemi Awolowo University is a dedicated young poet who aspires to be better in the art. She has an intense passion for didactic poems and poems that dwell on human experiences.


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