Portrait of a Bleak Future – Okoronkwo Chisom.

Portrait of a Bleak Future – Okoronkwo Chisom.
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Portrait of a Bleak Future

Today, I held a clandestine meeting with 

the voices in my head & they went berserk. 

The disarray disrobed me of light. 

Say, my heart assumed the silhouette of a 

woman nurturing her aches like a tender

tulip in the dead of night. I’m docile to 

nothing but growth. Once, I was faced with 

a conundrum that has the shape of my 

father’s demon. To escape, I mounted the 

back of a wind ferrying away my fears. 

There’s no safety here. Every danger 

that confronts me comes with a dagger. 

There’s a sun scorching the leaves of 

my hopes to make them wither. Don’t blame 

this heart when it rejects a hope capsule. 

There’s not enough water to irrigate the 

florescent petals of my dreams that fight 

for survival in this land. Yesterday, I broke 

through the barricade of my future & lost 

gusto. To bask in the present, I froze the 

hands of time & demolish the road that leads 

to tomorrow.

Contributor’s Bio

Okoronkwo Chisom is a first-class graduate of English Language and Literature. She is the International Advisor–Nigeria, of the African Writers Summit–Afwrites. She is the winner of the Shuzia “journey of the soul” poetry competition 2023 and a joint winner of the Sound of Unity spoken word poetry competition 2023. She has been shortlisted in the Eriata Oribhabor Poetry Prize 2022, African Feminist Writing contest 2022, YouthHubAfrica FGM contest, September Edition, 2022, BKPW and Splendours of Dawn Poetry Contest. Her works have been published in PoetryColumn, Blue Marble Review, Nigerian Review, Icreatives Review, Isele Magazine, World Voices Magazine,  New Man Gospel Magazine, Shuzia, BPPC anthology, and elsewhere.

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