Victim of Metamorphosis – Olaseni Kehinde.

Victim of Metamorphosis – Olaseni Kehinde.
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Victim of Metamorphosis

From my grandmother’s lips spills the story of my genesis,

A home of beauty buried in time’s embrace
Like a mother hen, protective with chuckling wings,
Our home was peaceful when evil slumbered

And fresh air blew with innocence,

Cupidity flew like a whisper in the wind
Honour stood tall in the mountains
Those nights before love faded into memories

How can I write an elegy for my dear land?

Bristling in despair and gasping for breath
A shatterer of hope in a ruthless whim,
As a mighty flood rages my home with vices

Today, I live in a terrain of predators,

Hawks perch, eavesdropping on prey’s dreams
And some mornings, they swoop from the sky,
To devour great dreams like a tasty meal

Riffles serenade the air with dreadful melody,

Striking out futures in cold blood
Elders covet riches, honesty withers,
On a sobbing land, wailing for aid.

Contributor’s Bio

Olaseni Kehinde Precious is a prolific poet, essayist, and content writer from Nigeria. She loves to express her emotions and thoughts in written words.

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