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Anxiety is a way of life Filter Like a sieve, I am drained Of every dewdrop of happiness Through the mesh of my hollow body. And I– dust in the fireworks of light Escape the drizzling storms of darkness. I– billowed tusk of winterbourne Streaming down into a gorge Of landscaped realities Acculturate the mimesis of shame. Here, fear is a fleece wool Unfurling in the cotton eyes Of a cowardly man.  And every prayer is the blossoming Of nightmares, before they ripen In the garden of dreams. Residue The cremains of dead memories Haunt us alike. In fragments, we break into our death. Say every light born of darkness Must return in a wave-tide motion to its origin. Say the mind is a haunted gallows And we wheel thoughts along Like cringing vehicles enduring The bruising art of locomotion. Say to move is to steer the gears of the…

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