Shapes of no more – Osagiede Best.

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Shapes of no more

Victor Uwaifo said:

you buy shirt     shirt tears

if God creates soul     soul will go back to its owner

the body that we use minimally would turn sands     so

i could not tell you to stay

& if i break    cascades down

goodbye,     goodbye

handful of body-sands thrown

to the teeth of a starving abyss

i won’t cry     for I know

i could not hold back your slipping away

not that this washes away any pain

so many things i want to say      to you

just yesterday,     Papa & i writing the biography of you

you again felt the weight of those three tubers of yam on your head

as you put the soles of your feet on the footprints of your father

trekking miles away to the object of desire

again you in your childhood backyard when the darkness of noon

came with a 1947 half-pounded yam inside your mortar

dead cold in the face of your living pestle

& you mourn the waiting stomach of your father

papa said I should cut you out where you broke boys, too much of fierce.

he wants you a saint, he says write a cheerful giver

in the end this left you paralyse on one side,

thought you should know.

soon after you passed we carried you through the sitting room

children & grandchildren measuring

memories in rice cups began to realize the shapes of no-mores

we carried the body you left behind

as if it’s flotsam washed up on the secure shore of our delusion

i held some of your weight in my hands

as we carried you into the ambulance’s heart

i wondered how you could not be there

flesh & bones couldn’t be all of such heavy

does one lose the tray one uses to sell little sweet things

in the market?

Contributor’s Bio

Osagiede Best is an emerging poet, essayist, and storyteller. He was born in the ancient city of Benin in Edo State,  Nigeria. He reads philosophical and psychological literature in his free time; they greatly influence his writing. They help open him up to the workings of his mind. He loves history, photography, physics, nature, and biology. His recently published work can be found in Nnoko stories and in African Writer Mag.

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